Team SoloMid officially re-sign Doublelift


Doublelift is officially back with Team SoloMid.

Team Liquid’s decision to move Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng to TSM was originally reported by Jacob Wolf for ESPN last week. TSM officially confirmed the signing via Twitter on Sunday.

The announcement video was an almost note-for-note re-creation of the video made in 2015 when Doublelift first joined TSM from Counter Logic Gaming, including the final moments of both videos when Doublelift’s jersey from his previous team gets tossed into the garbage.

Team Liquid posted a tribute video, highlighting Doublelift’s successes, with the caption, “‘When you’re good, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great, they’ll tell you.’ Thank you, Doublelift.”

Doublelift leaves Team Liquid after four straight split championships in 2018 and 2019, and two straight worlds appearances with the team that saw them fail to advance past the group stage.

Team Liquid’s 2020 spring split season was ultimately forgettable. Doublelift publicly talked about motivational challenges, battled illness, and ultimately was benched in favor of Academy player Edward “Tactical” Ra.

Doublelift rejoins former TSM teammates Søren “Bjergsen” Berg and Vincent “Biofrost” Wang, with whom he found much success, including winning several splits, before leaving for Team Liquid. Doublelift holds the LCS record for most championships with seven, and is the first player to win LCS championships with three different teams (CLG, TSM and Team Liquid).


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