McConnell promises quick action on GOP police reform proposal


“What I’m announcing today is after we do two circuit judges who are queued up either this week or early next week, we’re going to turn to the Scott bill,” McConnell said, referring to Senate GOP legislation led by Republican Sen. Tim Scott.

“I’m going to file cloture on the motion to proceed and our Democratic friends, if they want to make a law, and not just try to make a point, I hope they’ll join us in getting on the bill and trying to move forward in the way the Senate does move forward when it’s trying to actually get an outcome, rather than just sparring back and forth, which you all have seen on frequent occasions by both sides.”

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer refused to say Tuesday if Democrats would seek to block the Scott plan from coming to the floor for a debate, saying “we haven’t even seen the bill yet, so it’s premature to comment,” while also declining say if he’s encouraging Democrats to avoid co-sponsoring the plan.

The move by McConnell comes amid nationwide calls for action after multiple high-profile episodes of police brutality.

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