DOJ unseals Roger Stone warrants in response to lawsuit from CNN and other outlets


The newly released documents offer a more detailed version than was previously known of how former special counsel Robert Mueller and other federal investigators aggressively collected evidence about Stone, a close Trump friend and political adviser, by going to courts across the country for access to his digital data before charging him with obstruction and other crimes.

Stone was convicted of lying to Congress and witness tampering. He was also investigated for hacking, wire fraud, conspiracy and illegal foreign campaign contributions, but he was never charged with any of those crimes.

The new search warrants could reveal what the FBI was looking for in its early investigation into Stone. CNN is in the process of reviewing the documents.

Of all the Trump associated who fell under investigation, Stone may have been closest to “colluding” with the Russian government. He tried to coordinate with WikiLeaks about its releases of hacked emails, and he was in touch with a Twitter persona operated by Russian hackers. Mueller didn’t accuse anyone of illegally working with the Kremlin.

Much about the Stone investigation is still redacted in the Mueller report. That’s because the report was released before Stone went to trial last year, so the Justice Department redacted almost everything about him in the 448-page report.

The documents released Tuesday but still have some redactions of their own, which were made to protect third parties, financial information and details of other pending criminal investigations.

This is a breaking story and will be updated with more information.


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